Rutland - A strong family community

The Plan


The need to organize

Rutland has long been the place to put facilities like this. Why? Because Rutland has many hard working families who are busy trying to make ends meet and raise their kids. It is has many students who are busy working hard to get an education at UBCO or OC. It has many hard working professionals and business owners who are working hard to keep our community strong. It has many other people who are working hard to contribute to the community.

Because so many people are working so hard, it is difficult to be present at all of the council meetings we would like to. It is difficult to find time to meet with City Councillors, to write letters, to attend protests or events. It is difficult to get organized. And so, we have endured much but complained little.

That has all changed now. Now are kids are at risk and we, the people of Rutland are getting organized. We will find the time. We will find the energy. We will fight until our voices are heard.

But we need to be organized. We need to form a leadership team and coordinate our efforts. We need to plan. We need to be strategic and make sure that our passion and our energies are going towards activities that make a difference in our community.

Below is an outline of how we can tackle this issue. As we move along, this page will be updated.

Form a leadership team

We need to form a proper leadership team. We need a well organized team to organize our efforts to ensure that we are having an effect.


We need to understand what actions have lead to where we are now. Who was involved, what decisions were made and why. Next we need to understand who is able to stop this project and what options are available to us to stop it.

Make a Plan

We need to determine the best course of action based on the research we have done.

Take Action

We will need to do a lot of leg work. We may have petitions to sign, letters to write, protests to attend etc. 

Ready to get involved?

Look at the above list and think about where you can contribute. We need strong community involvement, every little bit helps!

Get Involved!