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Stop the "wet" supportive housing facility on McCurdy

This facility cannot allow any drug use.

BC Housing has control over this facility and could make it a "dry" facility. Support from City Council could help our cause.

Prevent future "wet" facilities from being placed close to vulnerable populations

A City bylaw  could keep "wet" facilities located a certain distance away from schools and senior complexes.

City Council has control over city bylaws.

Give council control over where "wet" facilities are located

A City bylaw could create specific zoning for "wet" supportive housing.

There is no distinction between various types of supportive housing in Kelowna. This gives council very little control over where "wet" supportive housing is located. Creating a specifici zoning for "wet" supportive housing would give City Council control and accountability for the location of these facilities.

City Council has control over city bylaws.