Rutland - A strong family community

"The time to complain is over"

Collin Basran, responding to criticism over approving a "wet" supportive housing project in a family neighbourhood next to schools.

The time to complain is now!*


The mission

This website is dedicated to stopping the building of a new supportive housing project in Rutland. The planned completion date of 2021. (Details here) This is a "wet" site, meaning residents do not have to abstain from using drugs or alcohol.

The picture on the left shows a 600 metre radius from the proposed site. Within this radius are 2 parks, the YMCA, the boys and girls club and most disturbingly, mulitiple schools with over 2,500 students attending. 

This facility should not be located so close to so many children. For the safety of our children, we demand that it not be located here.


Community support

Our local MLA Norm Letnick has spoken up for his constituents in an open letter on June 14. On June 25th he walked around Rutland to see and hear the concerns of his constituents first hand. We appreciate his continued support for the rights of people in Rutland to have their voices heard.


Get involved

We can make a difference, but we need your help. We need people to put the effort in to putting an end to this project. Check out The Plan and then Get Involved.

*Do we really want everyone to start complaining?

Well, sort of.

But we don't actually believe that "complain" is the right word.

The fact is that what Mayor Basran calls "complaints" are actually legitimate concerns. Concerns that we all have the right to voice. Concerns that we all have an obligation to voice. Concerns that elected politicians have the obligation to listen to.

So why do we use "complaining" for the website? 

Because we believe that politicians need to be held accountable for what they say. And we think that what the Mayor said is not acceptable.. And because we needed something simple and easy to remember.

But as you look through the website, try not to think about "complaining". Think about participating. Think about joining the fight. Together, we can make a difference.